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    everyone needs GUIDANCE

    Rely on Your Financial Coach

    Even the most skilled professionals know that the best way to accomplish their goals is with the help of a coach. An experienced coach can give you a clear perspective on where you’re heading and guide you to make positive changes for your future. Likewise, a financial coach can be a key member of your money management team.


    We Look Deeper

    Like any good coach, we go deeper. We get to know you so we have a better understanding of your desires, motivations, and circumstances.


    We Know Our Craft

    We believe in continual, ongoing education and training. We always strive to advance our knowledge and grow our competence.


    We Care About You

    We understand that your money isn’t just money, and you’re not just a number to us. We develop a meaningful relationship with you because we genuinely care about your dreams.

    Who We Are

    The Dream Team

    ​Meet the Team​

    Like many great teams, we have the experience and the tools to help you succeed.

    Robert is a recovering accountant. Now, he works with his clients to integrate humanity into financial consulting, encouraging them to thrive and live their dreams.

    Patrick has learned from Robert’s example. He has always led a life of serving others, and now Patrick is helping our clients find happiness through financial freedom.


    Patrick J. Hoey

    Financial Advisor 


    Melanie Hensel

    Administrative Assistant


    A Spectrum of Solutions

    We work with clients from every walk of life. If you seek to grow and manage your wealth, or enjoy the assets you have accumulated, we can help. We’ll work with you to skillfully bring together the key members of your financial team and coordinate the personalized strategies that are appropriate for you and your dreams.



    We can help you allocate your assets in a way that aims to mitigate risk, optimizes returns, and aligns with your goals.


    Risk Management

    We’ll examine all your potential risks, so we can help your plan for, mitigate, and recover from the risks you may face.


    Tax Planning

    Proper tax planning can help to reduce your tax burden. We can help you develop strategies to manage taxes.


    Business Planning

    When you’re the owner, you have to plan for business downturn, succession, and so much more. We can help.


    Retirement Planning

    We can help prepare for your smooth transition into retirement with foresight and proper planning.


    Estate Planning

    With effective estate planning, you can seek to reduce tax and debt burdens and minimize obstacles.

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